Goldilocks Shampoo Bar – for blonde hair

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Brightening shampoo bar that gives blonde hair structure and airiness.

Made with chamomile and lemon, this shampoo bar brightens blonde hair naturally. Chamomile and lemon accentuate the light tones of the hair while caring for the scalp. Grapefruit essential oil is a treat for the senses.

Natural oils and and shea butter combine to cleanse without drying, leaving your hair wonderfully shiny and soft.

Burdock root extract and wheat protein help to increase volume, while plant keratin and D-panthenol make your hair easy to manage.

Suitable for blonde hair.

To use: wet hair and rub shampoo into hair and scalp until it lathers. Add more water if necessary to increase the lathering effect. Rinse well. Allow the shampoo to air dry in a soap dish, sisal bag, or case.

  • vegan & natural
  • no palm oil, parabens, or silicone compounds
  • plastic-free and biodegradable
  • long-lasting
  • not tested on animals
  • handmade in Austria

INCI: Sodium Cocoyl isethionate (SCI)*, Sodium coco sulfate (SCS), Zea Mays (maissitärkkelys)**, Lecithin, Camellia sinensis seed oil (cameliansiemenöljy)**, Butyrospermum parkii butter (sheavoi)**, Ricinus communis seed oil (risiiniöljy)**, Glycerol, Panthenol, Squalan, Citrus limon juice (sitruunamehu)**, Parfum** (luonnollisia eteerisiä öljyjä), Hydrolized corn (hydrattu maissi), Wheat (vehnä), Soy protein (soijaproteiini), Chamomilla recutita flower (kamomilla)**, Arctium lappa root (takiaisenjuuri)**, Hydroxypropyl guar, Hydroxypropyldrimonium chloride, Curcuma longa root powder (kurkuma)**, Illte, limonene (luonnollisten eteeristen öljyjen ainesosia)

* derived from coconut oil, ** from a certified organic source

50 g