Konjac Sponge – Bamboo Charcoal

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This facial sponge removes impurities and cleans naturally.

Made of konjac fiber, this sponge peels and deeply cleans skin without damaging its own protective layer. It refreshes and restores tired and lifeless skin. A plant-based product that activates your skin’s blood circulation, it opens pores and allows moisture to be absorbed more effectively.

This sponge contains bamboo charcoal, removing impurities and reducing sebum production, making it suitable for oily skin. Regular use will keep your face feeling soft and healthy.

Suitable for dirty, oily skin.

To use: you can use this sponge with or without a cleanser. Dip the sponge in warm water to soften, then gently squeeze out any excess water. If you use a soap, apply it to your face or sponge, then wash with a circular motion. The soft surface of the sponge is also suitable for cleaning the area around the eyes. Rinse the sponge well after use and hang to dry in an airy place.

The shelf life of this sponge is roughly 2-3 months. As the sponge begins to crumble, it has come to an end. In high heat, you can keep the sponge in the fridge to ensure a long life.

This product is compostable.

  • 100% natural
  • vegan
  • plastic-free and biodegradable
  • made in China